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Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning process is performed on garments that are made with ultra delicate fibers, high end designer labels, hand made garments, finely dyed fabrics and garments with elaborate details and embellishments. Usually the label will specify the recommended cleaning process and a garment with a ‘spot clean only’ label means the garment must be handled with extreme care. A trained specialist must remove only stains and visible spots by hand. These garments cannot be subject to any other form of cleaning.

Is it possible to ‘safely’ dry clean or launder a ‘spot clean only’ item?

No. There is no safe or careful way to clean the entire garment without compromising the integrity, beauty and durability of the fabric. Whether at home or at a professional cleaning company, ‘spot clean only’ garments should never be subject to full garment cleaning in a commercial or residential cleaning unit. It must be cleaned only by hand utilizing a mild spotting agent in the area of the spot or stain. How can you care for a ‘spot clean only’ item? When wearing any garment with a ‘spot clean only’ label, care must be taken not to soil, spot, dampen or spill anything on the garment. If an accident may occur, the garment must be taken to the International Professional Cleaners at your earliest. Are there any risks to spot cleaning a ‘spot clean only’ item? Depending on the garment, fabric, color and fiber-weight, the process of spot cleaning may utilize a mild spotting agent or a specialized chemical-free spotting process. Sometimes, the fabric may retain a lighter stain or possibly the stain may be removed but it may leave a visible and undesired ‘ring’ of the spotting agent on the garment. There could be residual watermarks from the removal process of spotting agent and stain or the treated area may stand out a bit more because it is in fact cleaner than the rest of the garment. Most dry-cleaners will not process a ‘spot clean only’ garment for fear of causing damage to the item but at International Professional Cleaners, we specialize in spot-cleaning garments and will advise you of all possibilities within the process.

What do you do if you get a spot or stain on your “spot clean only” garment?

Prior to having your “Spot clean only” garment cleaned by your dry cleaner, discuss the garment with them and advise on the age and situation that may have caused the stain. The professional can advise you of any risks associated with the process and the results you can or cannot expect from the spot cleaning process.