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Things to Do Before Dropping Off Clothes At The Dry Cleaners

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How many times have you fished out coins and candy wrappers from your kid’s shirt pockets after chucking clothes to be washed in the machine? So many times that checking pockets before washing clothes has become almost second nature.

Yet, there are some clothes that cannot be washed at home. It’s a better to give those clothes to the professionals for dry cleaning. However, there is something that you must do before dropping off your clothes!

See If There Are Any Stains or Not

It’s a good idea to do an once-over of all garments before bringing to the cleaners, so that you can mention them to the professional handling them. There are some stains that require specialized cleaning solutions to fully remove.

Informing staff about those stains at the time of drop-off will ensure that the stain is addressed. Make sure to mention the source of the stain; this will guarantee the best cleaning results!

Ensure Garment Protection during Transportation

People don’t realize there is a correct way of transporting clothes that are dry-clean only. Delicate items kept under direct sunlight for too long can destroy the fabric.

Too much sunlight exposure can weaken delicate fibers of your clothes which is why the best idea is to cover clothes in protective bags. Place these bags in the trunk of your car or behind window screens.

Remember to Empty All Pockets

Just as we forget to empty our pocket of coins or other small items, it’s also easy to forget the same when dropping clothes to the dry cleaners. Make sure to check all the pockets of the pants and jackets you will hand off to the professionals.

Read the Instructions on Manufacturer Label

Want to know how you can take care of your clothes in a better manner? Make it a point to read the instructions printed on your shirt’s manufacturer label. This can be really helpful, especially if confused whether to dry clean an item or simply wash it at home.

Additionally, the label will also list down specific steps that can be followed to take care of your garments when not taking help of the professionals.

There are no labels attached to the silk shirt you accidentally poured red wine over? Head to International Professional Cleaners. We offer same-day dry cleaning and ironing services in Miami. Let us take care of your garment.

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