Wearing Your Mother’s Wedding Dress? Make It Yours with Dress Alterations!

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Every girl dreams of wearing her mother’s wedding dress for her own big day. The very thought of walking down the aisle in something the first most important person wore on their important day brings tears of love and determination.

However dreaming of wearing your mother’s wedding dress and actually fitting in it is a different story.


Changing Wedding Dress Styles


Wedding dress styles have changed drastically since the time our mothers and grandmothers walked the aisle. Modern brides are less concerned of what they’re supposed to look like on their big day (a cream puff), and more on what dress reflects their personal style the most.

Some brides wish to take a different route – creating nostalgia by walking the aisle in their mother’s old-fashioned and possibly ill-fitted wedding dress. You can still make it yours with the help of wedding dress alterations!

Here is what you can do:


Change the Neckline


Outdated necklines can be changed easily to give a wedding dress a modern and tidy look. Of course some neckline styles will be easy to alter or change than others, such as changing a jewel neckline into a one-shouldered style.


Add Embellishments


Embellishments are a really good way to completely transform an old wedding dress. You can choose to add any matching embellishments and watch the magic!

Do you love the classic look of pearl laces? Or are you looking for a budget friendly alternative that provides the same look? Beads and sequins embellishments are perfect as well as feathers, appliqué, and feathers.

Adding embellishments on a wedding dress that is simple or plain in style is also another way of pumping the dress up aesthetically.


Alter Completely


You can make the dress yours by having it completely altered – the design, the length, the neckline. However ask for your mother’s permission before changing the dress completely as she can be averse to the idea.

Received the green light to hack away at the old dress? Take inspiration from the original design that will help come up with a completely new one. There is so much you can do! Make the length shorter; add more fabric or lace, stripping away the puffy sleeves…

The result will be a sleek and modern version of the original design, something that pays homage to your mother yet also stays true to your personal style.

Wedding dress alterations are a smart way to make a vintage dress into your own. For alterations in Miami, take yours to International Professional Cleaners weeks before your wedding day. You and your mother will be pleased the result!

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