Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundry: Differences and Advantages

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Dry cleaning and laundry are the two common procedures used to clean fabrics today. This being said, when looking into dry cleaning and laundry services many people make the mistake of confusing the two.

Two Different Processes

In truth, dry cleaning and laundry are both different approaches to fabric care. Each has its own benefits which means that some fabrics are better off dry cleaned where as others benefit more from laundry!

What Sets Them Apart

There are a few things you could keep in mind to help you differentiate between both the processes. These should help you better decide the appropriate fabric care for your desired clothes and other fabric-based items!

Dry and Wet

The first difference between the two is that dry cleaning employs the use of a chemical which cleans using minimal amounts of water. On the other hand, laundry is very much a water dependent cleaning process!

Process Details

A chemical known as perchloroethylene is used to remove stains in dry cleaning. On the other hand, various cleaning agents are used when having something laundered. These include detergent, conditioner and of course a lot of water!

Machine Use

Though both processes employ the use of a machine, dry cleaning involves clothes being tumbled with cleaning agents. The agents are then removed. Laundry machines wash clothes using detergents and water as well as tumbling (but not the same as that done in dry cleaning)


In dry cleaning, the process makes very limited use of water and the drying is part of the core process. With laundry, water is drained out of the clothes via spinning before proceeding to place them in a dryer.


Final Touches

The straightening process for both dry cleaning and laundry are similar. The clean clothes after a dry cleaning are proceeded to be steamed following which an ironing is done. Laundered clothes are pressed after which they may be ironed.

Which is better?

It is not so much about which process is better as much as it is about which process suits your needs better. That being said, we have listed some advantages of dry cleaning and laundry to help you out.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

  • Good for grease and oil stain removal
  • Does not shrink or alter the fabric in any way
  • Preserves color
  • Keeps clothes looking fresh and new
  • Extends garment life

Advantages of Laundry

  • No use of any strong chemicals
  • Much cheaper than dry cleaning
  • Consumes less energy

Which do I go for?

Look at the care label; some clothes specify that you only do one or the other. Most clothes can take both processes however, when it comes to more costly clothing items, dry cleaning is usually the preferred option!

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