6 Care Tips To Keep Your Silks looking Fresh

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Few fabrics and textiles on earth can boast the historical, luxurious and esteemed reputation of silk.

Silk is made from fine threads traditionally harvested from silkworms. These are often found to inhabit mulberry leaves and were initially commercialized for silk production in China.

 What is the big Deal?

A number of traits make silk stand out among other textiles. Some of these include softness, sheen, high comfort as well as high durability all this while being relatively light weight. Silk is also considered ideal for both hot and cold climates!

Care for Silk

Caring for garments and items made of silk is a little different from what you would do with cotton, nylon or other fabrics.

Tips and Tricks

We have put together a few tips and pointers to help you better care for your silken apparel and items!

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is known to be a crucial practice when it comes to silk care and maintenance. Dry cleaning is effective against oil and grease and does not allow shrinkage or distortion of the silken item or garment. Furthermore, the process is slightly gentler on fabric than regular laundry.

Hand Washing

Another gentle way to clean up your silk is by hand washing. Hand washing is again a lot gentler than machine washing. Just remember, always use cold water when washing silk as it does not damage the cloth. Also make sure that like regular clothes, you do your whites and colors separately!


Not all detergents are silk friendly. Since silk is a delicate fabric in some ways. Always make sure you do not use a very strong detergent. Don’t even go near bleach! A good practice is to look for detergents which specifically state their suitability with regard to washing silk!

 Keeping it Straight

The first thing you need to know here is not to ever twist or squeeze your silk garments of material. A good way to dry silk is by placing it over a dry towel and spreading another one on top. Further, when attempting to keep your silk straight, remember to iron on only a special silk friendly or low heat setting!

Avoid Sunlight

Storing and drying your silk in a sunny place will make it fade rather quickly. It is more advisable to store your silk in the shade away from any harsh sunlight. Drying can be done by the method described above using dry towels.

Spots and Spills

IF you happen to drop or spill something on your silk, do not attempt to exclusively clean that one spot. This will cause the color of the area you washed to fade and eventually spot. Further, make sure not to spill any alcohol as it is extremely damaging to your fabric.

Specialized Services

Many reliable, well established and quality dry cleaning and laundry services offer specialized silk care options. It is always good to opt for these as the professionals doing the cleaning are usually trained and experienced when it comes to silk care!


Silk is a luxury investment and must be cared for accordingly. A little extra care will extend the life of your fabric and ensure it looks good for years to come! If you want to wear that silk outfit tonight but forgot to have it cleaned don’t worry! We’ve got a same day dry cleaning in Miami Fl and can sort you out!

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