How To Store Clothes For Long-Term

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Taking casual leaves from your office to handle mundane chores is a sad way to spend your downtime. But addressing these chores is a part of life you just can’t ignore.

Sorting closets is one of them.

You might have many clothing items that no longer fit, but instead of donating them you have kept them for a time when your body will get back in shape.

Maintaining your figure might be a hard task, but we can help maintain your clothes for long-term use with these smart storage techniques.

Clothing Inventory

Forgetting what you have in the back of your own closet is easy. Maintain a list of things you have stored for future use, e.g. baby clothes, old shoes, clothing articles that no longer fit, and etc. This will aid your memory, and prevent you from buying the same things all over again. Make a list that has a brief description of the clothes and size, so you know what you are keeping in your closet.

Prep Your Clothes Before Storing Them

Storing dirty clothes makes no sense. Make sure each stored item is in optimum condition, check for loose buttons, rips, and stains before you seal them in a garment bag. Stains that are left untreated for many years are hard to remove, and may even attract moths and insects. All clothes need to be washed and pressed before storing them. Clothes that are delicate or dry-clean-only will need professional attention.

Vacuum Seal

Clothes need some sort of ventilation to maintain its structure; use of vacuum sealed bags can compress and deform the clothing article. This means a lot of time will be required to bring these clothes back to their original form. You can use a space saver bag instead, to save the fibers from losing their shape. Remember, if you are saving heirlooms and expensive piece of clothing for later use don’t risk it with vacuum sealed bags.

Don’t Use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags trap moisture inside the clothes leaving them prone to molds and mildew. Same is the case with cardboard boxes. They might not store moisture, but will provide easy access to mice and rats to chew through your clothes.

Use plastic containers or acid-free boxes to store your clothes. They don’t absorb moisture and keep insects and vermin away from your clothes.

Cedar Balls

People use mothballs to prevent insects infestation, which leaves behind a weird smell and prove damaging to the environment. You need to switch to a better-smelling and more effective solution – cedar balls. Just don’t place them directly on the clothes.

Store In Cool, Dry, And Dark Place

The ideal conditions to stores clothes are in 23 °C and 55 percent of humidity. These strict guidelines should be followed when storing family heirlooms; you can ease up on your storing details for other articles. Keep in mind, attics and garages are damp and house rats and insects. So, take necessary preventative measures for storage.

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