Why Should You Get Your Wedding Dress Restored?

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A lot of heart and soul goes into the selection, preparation, and purchase of a wedding gown. All the tears shed, designers badgered and random ideas from people you don’t even know—everything makes wedding dress selection a complete adventure of its own. The struggle does not end there, brides loose several pounds to look graceful and elegant in their classy wedding gowns.

People, who question this struggle, fail to see the emotional attachment brides and grooms have to this specific day. Well, you can commemorate all your struggle and love by restoring your wedding gown.

Why Should You Restore Your Wedding Gown?

Prevent Strains From Setting-In

Spilling wine during toast, or tripping over your own gown is customary for the bride. Even if you were the most careful bride, your dress is still at risk of makeup stains caused by your emotional friends and teary family members.  Stains are common in large gatherings and parties; so don’t get teary, if your dress gets a spot. A professional cleaner can remove, treat and lighten even the toughest stains.

Turn-Back Time

If you are inheriting an heirloom wedding dress, chances are it has yellow stains. But these yellow patches can’t keep you from being a timelessly elegant bride. Dress restoration can restore the original condition of your dress, making it look good as new. Time and storage condition takes a toll on the garment aesthetics, but you can easily rectify that with help of professional cleaning services. So, keep the tradition alive by wearing a classic gown on your wedding day.

Save The Dress From Photo-Shoot Trauma

Looking at a bride riding a horse in an open flowery-meadow is a picturesque scene, but behind all this beauty there are mud tracks and teary realizations. Destination weddings and photography is gaining popularity and people who follow this trend, end up trashing their gowns. But you really don’t need to worry about your gown, just capture as many memories as you can and leave the cleaning details to the dry-cleaner.

Preserve The Sentimental Value

Saving a memento to reminisce the love of your life is a common practice. And no object holds more sentimental value than your wedding dress. It’s the most expensive clothing item you might have ever bought and believe it not, it is an item you have dreamed about your whole life. You can do justice to your stunning gown by preserving its true beauty and emotional value for the years to come. You can also save this the wedding dress for the future generation, by starting an heirloom.

We understand the emotional attachment you have with your wedding gowns, which is why we – at International Professional Cleaners – provide quality dress restoration and laundry services for wedding gowns all over Miami.  You can also avail other cleaning services such as, hand-wash, wash and fold, spot cleaning, same day laundry services, and ironing services. Call 305-754-6711 to schedule a restoration appointment.

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