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Tips for Getting Most Out of Clothing Alterations

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Finding the perfect dress can be an impossible task, but making perfect alterations doesn’t have to be! Don’t throw away that skirt because it’s two sizes larger for you, or discard that shirt because its buttons came off.

Making alterations in your clothes can be a blessing for your wardrobe that doesn’t cost a leg and arm while giving it a brand new look. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of clothing alterations:

Listen to the tailor

If your tailor recommends against making a certain change, he must have good reason for it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask why they’re advising against it. They’re professionals with sufficient knowledge about the material, cuts, and designs.

In fact, if your idea doesn’t seem to be working out, they can suggest something that comes close to what you have in mind or makes it even better.

Don’t fidget during fittings

When you’re being fitted for alterations, remain still. This is important so that your measurements don’t get messed up. Now is the chance to put your experience in musical statues to good use.

Be invested

You can’t expect to have the perfectly altered dress without being thorough with your instructions. That means that you need to have at least some idea of what it is that you need altered, and how.

Don’t go to the tailor expecting him to decide for you; think it through beforehand. Similarly, don’t discuss measurements over the phone or send a friend who wears the same size as you for a round of fitting.

What might be comfortable for your friend might not work out for you, and you won’t know until the alteration has already been done. Show up yourself and take note of all the changes that are to be made.

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