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How to Make Your Bridal Dress Last a Lifetime

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Once you are through with your wedding, there are lots of things you could do with your wedding dress.

You could go crazy and ruin it in the after party; you could rent it to other people or sell it to recover the cost.

However, if you’re one of those sentimental types, who would like to cherish the precious memories you just made in that dress, then you could preserve it as a memento for the rest of your life.

You may not be aware, but wedding dress preservation is actually a thing.  Here’s all you need to know about it:

Follow the Instructions

If you bought a ready-made dress, look for the care label. It is imperative that you follow the instructions mentioned on the label carefully before doing anything with the dress on your own.

However, if the dress does not contain any sort of instructions, then you can always ask the tailor who stitched it for you. They will be able to guide you about any special considerations that you should be taking with the dress in order to preserve it.

This will save you from any causing any sort of irreparable damage to the dress.

Be Careful About The Hidden Blotches

There are many substances that do not leave stains immediately because they are transparent in nature. However, they do have the ability to react with other substances and cause blotches in your wedding dress while it stored. These blotches can be impossible to get rid of, especially when they become several months old. Therefore, it is imperative that you get rid of the substances by getting your wedding dress dry cleaned by a professional before it is ready to be preserved.

Don’t be fooled by the clean look of your wedding dress at the end of the day. It may look clean right now, but it won’t be the same the next week.

The best time to send your wedding dress to the dry cleaners is the very next day of your wedding. Don’t wait for the honey moon to be over, or the time to settle in your new home. Make arrangements accordingly and have your dress taken to the dry cleaner at once.

Dress Preservation

Dry cleaning alone is not enough to preserve your dress, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that dry cleaning is the same as dress preservation, as it is a different process entirely and is extremely important for dress preservation.

Since each fabric is unique, the process that your wedding dress will go through depends entirely on the type of fabric it is made with. Just leave it to the professionals and they will take care of the dress preservation process.

Air Sealed

After the preservation process, you will receive your dress in an air-tight sealed box. You must ensure that the seal is intact and it is better not to open it for as long as possible. Place the box in a dry and cool place, preferably in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Note of Caution!

It is imperative that you have professional dress preservation and not attempt anything on your own. If you do not take your dress to a professional preservation service, then there is a major risk of your dress developing mildew, stains, blotches, fabric decay and permanent creasing.

If you are looking for professional dry cleaning and dress preservation in Miami, FL, then get in touch with us. We will provide you both services at a packaged rate and help you preserve your dress for a lifetime.

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