Guidelines Which Make Doing Laundry Easy

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Think doing laundry is easy? You probably won’t be thinking that way when your favorite item of clothing loses its color or shrinks.

The problem with doing laundry is that you need to get everything just right. The slightest mistake, like choosing the wrong detergent, will ruin your clothes. At International Professional Cleaners, we know how much people struggle with doing laundry on their own.

For their convenience, we’ve created a list of pointers that will make the process of doing laundry easier. Let’s take a look:

Start With Laundry Symbols

You must have noticed a label on the back of your clothing. Ever wondered what those symbols represent? They’re actually instructions which you’re supposed to follow in order to clean your clothes.

They might look cryptic when you first look at them, but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it. These symbols let you know if you should wash the clothes or get them dry-cleaned. They also give you details like the ideal temperature at which the clothes should be dried, etc.

Just remember that all fabrics have different laundry needs. This is why checking the laundry symbols on them is so important.

Separate the Laundry Items

After reading the laundry symbols, the next step is to sort out the clothes. For the best results, you want to separate clothes according to their fabric and color.

Clothes with deep colors tend to bleed and dye when they’re washed. This is why it’s so important to separate light colors from dark ones.

You can also sort fabrics according to their weight. This way, heavier fabrics won’t cause damage to lighter fabrics. Also, separate the fabrics according to their type. For example, keep fabrics with zippers away from other clothing items.

Learn How to Treat Pre Stains

Make sure that you pre-treat stained and soiled clothes. This way, you’ll be able to loosen up the stain and make it easier to wash out.

Also, remember that all stains need to be treated differently. For example, in order to treat coffee and tea stains, you need to apply detergent directly on the stain. In case of blood stains, you’ll need to create a washing solution first.

Identify How Detergent You Need

Using the right detergent is the key to washing clothes properly. It all depends on the load and how dirty your clothes are. In addition to that, the hardness of water is an issue as well.


Apart from following these guidelines, there is another way in which you can ensure your clothes stay clean. You can get in touch with us. We offer laundry service in Miami, Fl. Some of our services include same day dry cleaning. You can contact us at 305-754-6711 for details.

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