3 Stains That Only Dry Cleaning Can Remove

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It’s 8:45 AM.

If you don’t make it to work on time, your supervisor will be very mad. You quickly put on your finest white dress shirt and hurry toward the kitchen to get some breakfast. Your mind’s calculating the minutes and seconds you’re left with while you hurriedly spread marmalade on a piece of toast.

And just like that, you’ve dropped it on your shirt!

Not only is your supervisor going to be angry at you for showing up both late and messy, but you also feel sad about ruining an expensive shirt.

Not to worry, though! A professional dry cleaner can get rid of almost any stain for you.

Here are 3 stains that warrant a visit to your dry cleaning service:

1) Stains left from perspiration

These are the kind of stains which are not just stubborn, but also extremely embarrassing. You don’t want your colleagues to avoid your company because of the large sweat stains on different parts of your shirt.

If a label on your shirt says ‘dry clean only,’ you’d be damaging it by trying out cleaning remedies you read about on the internet. Especially if your shirt’s made of wool or silk, don’t even think about trying to get rid of the sweat stains on your own.

If sweat has dried in deeply into the shirt, the chances are that a regular hand wash won’t be of much help. Professional cleaners have special solutions which are specifically applied to the area of the spot, leaving the rest of the shirt untouched.

Also, if you sweat a lot, washing your clothes over and over again will just make them fade out and lose their color.

2) Organic Stains

Stains which come from natural foods are known as organic stains. Examples include stains derived from blood, eggs, meat, yogurt, etc. These stains don’t need washing; they need to ‘digested.’ Even if your fabric isn’t compatible with water, it can still be cleaned.

Dry cleaners use organic cleaning solutions which contain enzymes. These enzymes don’t just clean your clothes, but biologically ‘eat up’ or digest the food particles in them. In addition, these organic solvents are non-toxic in nature and safer to use compared to conventional dry cleaning.

3) Tannin Stains

An accidental spillover of coffee, tea, or juices can cause tannin stains on your clothes.

These stains are comparatively tougher to remove because they’re mixed with additives like sugar and are mostly spilled hot, which makes them extra stubborn. According to the Huffington Post, if your shirt is dry clean only and you spilled a bit of coffee, don’t try and treat it on your own. You’ll just be causing it more damage.

Dry cleaners have special tannin stain removal agents which they apply directly onto the stain. After leaving the agent on for some time, the stained is flushed with steam.


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