Oh the Iron-y: Ironing Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Clothes

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Ironing clothes needs patience, the correct method, and attention to detail. There’s a different heat level required for every type of fabric. Some need to be sprayed with a bit of water. Some require you to avoid it. All in all, it’s a lot of hassle.

But clothes need to be ironed properly. You can’t attend an important office meeting wearing a suit with wrinkles on it. Well ironed clothes convey professionalism and elegance.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a guide to common ironing mistakes that are ruining your clothes.


If you’re washing and drying your clothes at home, try not to overdo the drying part. Clothes that are left longer in the dryer are harder to iron. When you’re ironing your clothes, make sure they’re very slightly wet. This makes it easy for the wrinkles to loosen out.

This is particularly important for clothes made of cotton and polyester. If they’re not sprayed with water prior to ironing, you’ll need to put in greater effort and, of course, incur higher electricity bills. Also, be sure to not moisturize the shirt too much. Use a spray to regulate how much water you use.

Not turning delicate clothes inside out

If your clothes are made of silk, velvet, or satin, you’re putting them at great risk of burning if they’re not turned inside out. Be gentle with the heat.

If your clothes have lace, wool, buttons, or any other embellishments, avoid direct contact with the iron. You can always place a thicker fabric on top of your dress before ironing it. A burnt lace or sequin can ruin the look of your entire dress.

Know when clothes need to be turned and when the heat needs to be gentle. Use high heat for polyester and cotton and low heat for silk, rayon, and acetate. If you don’t know enough about fabric types, check the label on the collar. It’ll give you the info you need.

Ironing special outfits yourself

By special outfits, we mean your wedding dress, the dress you got for your prom, or the expensive suit you wore on your brother’s reception.

These are probably the biggest investments we make in our lives when it comes to clothing. A wedding gown is also larger in size compared to the dresses you wear to a party.

If you try and iron it on your own, you’ll have very little luck. There are way too many folds, layers, and embellishments. Neither the iron stand nor the steam iron in your house is big enough to accommodate it. Even the tiniest crease or wrinkle can show up in the pictures on your big day and will look unpleasant.

On the other hand, professional dry cleaning services have special equipment and expertise to iron clothes of all shapes and sizes. You can either get them dry cleaned or just ironed, the call’s yours.


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